Christmas Lighting Paseo de Gracia / Public Spaces+Ephemeral-Light Art / Barcelona

Christmas Lighting Paseo de Gracia / Public Spaces+Ephemeral-Light Art / Barcelona

Exterior lighting system

Historically “ Paseo de Gracia “ has represent the city progress and it is one of most important showcase of Barcelona, showing its continuous desire to improving.

The lighting design proposal, for the winter season 2016/2017 and 2017/2018, will decorate Paseo de Gracia looking for a new interpretation of the  Christmas tradition.

This light, with its design, want to interpret the Christmas icons in an innovatory way, emphasizing the entrerpraising and cutting-edge personality of “Paseo de Gracia”.
The proposal makes reference to the Christmas Srtar. The deal of this project was to combine the new LED technologies with the translucent materials, trying to escape from the plain figure y looking up that the volumes are revealed because of the reflection and the trasmittance of the material.

These luminaries want to increase the energy saving, not only thank to the use of LED technologies but also through reduction of  the number of sources of light. This factor is achieved by concentrating all led modules in the central part of the lamp and by doing that light run through the entire volumen, using  lenses and mirrors.
Finally it is possible to create a volume of 2 x 2 metres, with only 26 modules LED per lamp. This generates a  consumption of only 130W lamp which represents a energy saving of 70% ,  compared to a conventional lamp of similar dimensions.
One of another different point of our proposal, it has been differentiate the design of the space central (vehicles), with the space of the pedestrian.
The central space, more wide and free of obstacles,  is ideal to combine the using of a volumetric star  and banner flats, that allows  light to create a feeling of continuity visual. On the other hand, the pedestrian can have a relationship more quiet and close with the volumetric elements as main protagonists that coexist with the trees of the ride.

The facility consists of 176 bright star of two different sizes, arranged in the area of pedestrian and middle lanes, and 39 posters 11 x 2 meters which covers the central part of the Paseo de Gracia.