Llum BCN Moeania / Ephemeral-Light Art / Gerona

Llum BCN Moeania / Ephemeral-Light Art / Gerona

Exterior lighting system

Anoche participated in LLUM BCN 2016 with the co-tutoring, in collaboration with the architect Claudia Schneider, of the Moenia project. An ephemeral installation performed by some students of the official ELISAVA degree,  exposed on February 12, 13 and 14 in Pati Llimona (C / Coreu Vell, 5).

“Moenia” – in Latin “walls of a city” is a light installation where the Roman wall has all the protagonism within the space. The installation accentuates the direction of the gaze upwards and allows you to contemplate it in its whole splendor. Light scenery  and sound echoes,that  illuminate the memory of the past while we weave the construction of tomorrow.

This intervention consists of weaving the wall by horizontal lines of light that highlight the physiognomy of the walls. The palpitations of these axes of light bring dynamism. The proposal honors the weaving concept through the  installation structure, the vertical cables and the horizontal lights remember the stretches of a loom. The rhythm of the elements of light not only creates more life in space, but also x-ray the different levels that are part of the history of the wall.

In this way, the proposal pretends to show the history that is hidden behind all the layers that have been overlapping over time in the wall.

Llum Barcelona is an urban lighting festival that seeks to enhance the beauty of the city’s buildings through light, generating a new experience for the citizen of the night landscape.


Tutors:  Claudia Schneider, Jordi Ballesta

Project Team: Juan Ezcurra, Marta Fernández, Gemma Galceran, Jianan Ju, Aina Machado, Guillem Marquès, Clara Navarro, Oriol Roig, Marta Vidal, con la colaboración de Jorge Errando, José Maria Riesco

Light Programing: Jordi Abarca

Sound: Roman Daniel

Production Consultant: Josep Novell

Coordination: Raffaella Perrone

Partner Company: LEDsCONTROL S.L.

Thanks to:  Ferran Utzet, Alex Bordanova