Noom Hotels / Hotels / Conakri / Africa

Noom Hotels / Hotels / Conakri / Africa

- in progress -

Inaugure Hospitality Group has scheduled an expansion plan for over 20 hotels in Africa for NOOM CHAIN ​​HOTELS. This brand has to become a reference for business hotels in the African XXI century. The next openings will be in major African cities: from Dakar, Conakry and Freetown to Kampala, Kinshasa and Brazzaville.

A functional concept and modern line design, with local and African flavour, combined with current technology, low consumption and use of LED lighting.

The architectural project is from SAOTA Study (Cape Town, South Africa), the interior design from GCA Architects (Barcelona). The lighting design is being developed by Anoche Architectural Lighting, having delivered the projects of Abidjan, Cotonou, Kinshasa and Niamey.


Images – SAOTA