Llum BCN Batec de llum / Ephemeral-Light Art / Barcelona

Llum BCN Batec de llum / Ephemeral-Light Art / Barcelona

Interior lighting system

ELISAVA takes part in the fourth edition of LLUM BCN Festival with the «Batec de Llum» (Light beat) project, an ephemeral intervention in the courtyard of the Palau Bru, a big hose built at the end of the sixteenth century or at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

The Palau Bru hosts the headquarters of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) in Catalonia and the musical patrimony of all the country is registered in its archive.  Taking the registration and creation concept, as the project’s soul, implicit in its context, people become the creators of the lighting of the space.  Somewhere between the digital and the natural world, the sound, light and water waves get together generating a unique register; the human light beat.

The team of ELISAVA’s project makes it possible that the space behaves as a sounding board where the presence of people is registered and translated into light, which beats as visitors come in.  The project is developed in two main levels: on the floor and on the roof. There are two ponds in the space, which have different diameters, full of water and LEDS lighting.

Some infrared cameras, placed on the walls, detect the number of people around the pond, they register it and they transform it into digital information in sound waves that make the speakers under the ponds vibrate. The movement, similar to the beating of a heart, generates waves and patterns on water. These patterns are reflected on the walls and on the roof of the space, generating a living and surrounding lighting space.

The team of the project consists of third and fourth year students of the Degree in Design and the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design taught at ELISAVA, together with one junior designer.

«Batec de Llum» is framed within the celebration of the 4th edition of LLUM BCN, that this year coincides with 2015 as the International Year of Light according to the United Nations. In this urban festival, light becomes the raw material of all the 20 lighting, poetical and evoking installations, which are shown to all publics and which transform the aspect of different courtyards and different parts of the Ciutat Vella neighbourhood.
With the collaboration of:

Jordi Ballesta

Project team:
Teresa Baena, Miguel Barrio, Pol Domènech, Adrià Margall, Noa Massanet, Eva Molins, Patricia Parejo, Arnau Parés, Marta Pérez, Joan Recasens and Andrea Vallvé

Eduard Castany and Raul Nieves

Roman Daniel

Production consultant:
Josep Novell

Raffaella Perrone

Responsible of the project:
Albert Fuster

Thanks to:
Joan Planas, Joaquim Matutano and Xavier Riudor