Caravel·la Gourmet / Retail / Barcelona

Caravel·la Gourmet / Retail / Barcelona

Interior lighting design

Give personality to a space on a low budget is the basis on which this project was born. A space that would transport us to Portugal, while offering the user a relaxed environment in which to socialize with a fine wine or beer. It is for these reasons that the approach with the team of interior designers was to go for a very warm light, outstanding from the walls and close to the user. This near warmth of scale is the one it’s finally able to create intimate spaces within a room with lots of character. Another challenge to reach was to show coherently all the product display so while consuming, users can think of to take away the product. This was also achieved with a good set of proximity and scale , it helps to have small areas of contrast on the shelves , while the product shows brightness.

Caravel·la Gourmet


Interior Design:
Andrea Soto

Andreu Revilla