“Light is an intangible material, very difficult to appreciate and manipulate. Anoche believes that once it has been planned and organised, light adds an architectural value inside and outside buildings, making a difference that is both subtle and profound”

We are a Lighting consultancy with a team of professionals with a vast experience in the field of architectural lighting.

Anoche provides services primarily to architects and professionals from the world of design who seeks to improve architectural projects adding value and content through lighting design.



Consulting and cooperation in architectural lighting projects; researching and proposing solutions according to the needs of architect and engineer.

Basic and executive project for lighting and lighting control

General and detailed plans, bills of quantity, estimated costs, technical specifications in line with the Spanish Technical Code.

Project management

Supporting the project management team, in the performance and consistency of the executive project in the on-site execution of lighting and control systems.

Research and development of ideas, projects and products

Investigation oriented to non-standard lighting solutions. Design and implementation of custom-made fixtures.

Studies and reports on energy efficiency

Studies on efficiency in energy consumption, maintenance and systems longevity, sustainability.

Technical reports

Valuations, technical and economic feasibility studies. Quality control of completed work.

Other activities

Activities related to the field of architectural lighting, such as studies of natural light behaviour and user comfort.

Research and academia

Anoche is involved in academia, teaching and research, being the driving force of many of our projects.